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Supporting You

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I am here to help you


I can:

  • Listen to you and and help to identify how I can support you to develop your organisation

  • Find out about what you do by meeting people and researching your context

  • Identify suitable grants and help you to apply for money for specific projects 

  • Manage projects that will develop your work

  • Evaluate the impact of your work

  • Produce high quality reports that you can use for accountability and development purposes

  • Apply for awards and quality marks that recognise your achievements.

How does it work?


  • I will meet with you and members of your team to establish how I can support you.

  • I am likely to arrange to spend some time with your colleagues and clients to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and context.

  • I will identify how I can best support you, including finding appropriate grants and quality marks that will suit your organisation.

  • You will be able to review my assessment and decide on any suitable grants and/or awards that we can apply for.

  • I will write your grant or award application, or support your colleagues in editing and producing your own submission.

  • I can manage the implementation of any projects that will help you to develop, including those that will use money from grants.

  • I can evaluate your project and produce a report that meets the needs of your grant awarding body or for your own accountability and planning.


This is a flexible service where we work together to meet your needs. 




Mental Health Charity

  • After meeting with the local manager I visit some of the services they offer. I talk to volunteers, sessional workers and service users about their experiences.

  • I research evidence-based projects and empirical studies that identify how physical activity can improve mental health.

  • I build a profile of the organisation including the demographic of service users and those who do not access support.

  • With the agreement of the charity manager I apply for a Sport for England grant that will provide at least two years of funding for a weekly outdoor activity group, including coaching costs and equipment. This will include building relationships with appropriate coaches and outdoor education providers.

  • I support the sessional workers in creating marketing materials and use the demographic information to advertise to people who experience mental health difficulties, but are hard to reach.

  • Throughout delivery of the project I use online surveys, focus groups, interviews and observations to evaluate the activities and create a report for the charity.



Primary School

  • After meeting with the headteacher and science lead I spend time in the school and the grounds, evaluate provision and review curriculum documents.

  • I research grants and awards that will help to develop the school's green credentials and expose children to active learning about the environment. I thoroughly research the school's context and recent developments.

  • With the science lead we agree to apply for Eco-Schools accreditation and for a grant from Screwfix to build a fully accessible school pond and nature garden.

  • I support the science lead in gaining the Eco Schools award by developing partnerships with local voluntary groups and environmental external educators. The school develops the nature area using the Screwfix grant.

  • After six months, I re-visit the school to evaluate the impact of their work. This includes filming the views of pupils and staff, evaluating children's work and surveying parents. I produce a report that can be used as evidence for Ofsted and governors as well as to inform the school development plan. The edited films and report are all accessed securely on this website.

Costs depend on the size of your organisation and what I do for you. Please contact me to find out more.

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